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Sim cards for students
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About us

What we do

Since 2012 Ihavelanded (IHL) have provided sim cards for students, universities, tourists and travellers going to Sweden. We are mainly active with the universities and almost all universities in Sweden provide sim cards to their international students from us.

Together with several other partners such as VisitSweden.com and Swedish Camping we make sure our customers have a good telecom solution when arriving in Sweden.

Do you wish to be a partner?

If you wish to become a partner with us, you may be a university, travelling agency or similar, please let us know! We are happy to assist you with our products. Send us an e-mail or use the contact form below.

Contact us

Contact information


c/o Unito AB

Adelgatan 3

SE22350 Lund


E-mail: team@ihavelanded.com

Refunds & Returns

Normally we do not handle refunds or returns.

In the only case we do, are if we have failed to ship.

IHL are not responsible if a shipping partner in your country failed to deliver the package or lost it.

If you have questions about returns, please e-mail us: team@ihavelanded.com

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